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SELDON Conseil isn’t just a strategy and consultancy firm, it’s a guiding light in the complex world of decision-making. We don’t just assist decision-makers, we empower them to comprehend and assess the human, political, and societal implications of their projects. Our aim is not just to minimize the uncertainty of execution, but to equip you with the tools to confidently navigate the future. We enable decision-makers to build decisions and strategies grounded in scientific evidence. The quality and originality of our services are based on a global approach, firmly rooted in our four foundational pillars.


to produce robust, objective and unprecedented results


to transform your results in high impact actions


to anticipate the impact of those results on your business


to highlight your actions within as well as outside your organisation.

Your needs

We accompany you in gaining an understanding of the implications of an emerging topic/subject. We help encourage your project’s acceptability and your influence. We facilitate your organisation’s transformation.


Understanding the implications of emerging subjects is crucial. We delve into the heart of these topics, pinpointing their specific impacts on your organization. Our expertise enables us to devise robust contingency plans tailored to your needs. With our assistance, you won’t just react to the future – you’ll shape it, bolstering your organization’s resilience against unexpected events.


Developing an influence strategy is not just a want, it’s a necessity. We empower you to break down barriers in your relationships with all stakeholders within your ecosystem. This will enable you to assert your position and become a leading voice on emerging subjects. Your communication will be driven by a sophisticated influence strategy, scientifically based and intricately woven into the fabric of your complex ecosystem. This strategy will not only allow you to navigate the complexities of your ecosystem but also to shape it.


Preparing a transformation project isn’t just a desire, it’s a necessity. We don’t just analyze the reality of your organization, we dissect it, understanding the human and political undercurrents that drive it. Our facilitation of consultation doesn’t just encourage, it sparks the emergence of a shared vision among all stakeholders. We don’t just sequence the transformation process, we strategically orchestrate it to enhance its acceptability. We don’t just identify, we define concrete actions for its successful implementation.

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