WFSF 2024 – key takeways

26 octobre 2023

SELDON Conseil is participating in the XXVth World Conference of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF). The event is filled with engaging talks, meaningful exchanges, and an immersive experience. Here are a few interesting takeaways:

➡️ In an era clouded by uncertainty and scarce optimism, foresight emerges as an important tool, empowering us to steer clear of pessimism and reclaim our agency.
➡️ Understanding our destination requires a clear comprehension of our starting point. A thorough social and political analysis forms the backbone of any future-oriented exercise. All future studies should be anchored in an interdisciplinary approach, with social sciences playing a pivotal role.
➡️ Beyond future-oriented research, it’s imperative to pinpoint the objectives of foresight and devise an #impact strategy. This ensures the delivery of tangible results and policy actions.

We’re looking forward to another day of insightful exchanges!
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